Wooden sculptures  

Wood is a simple and at the same time refined material. Thanks to the hands of expert craftsmen and artists it can give life to masterpieces, with the most varied destinations, religious or not.

During the fifteenth century, in Florence we can count more than 80 shops carving wood. In fact, in Italy, the activity of the magistri lignaminis is intense, as well as in Germany, France and again in Spain.

Vasari praises the wooden material, elevating it at the level of all the other materials used in sculpture and he states that wood, in particular, tilia, “ubbidisce [più] agevolmente alla lima e allo scapello (it obeys [more] easily to the file and the chisel)”.

Brief historical notes

Throughout history, there are various types of wood used in art. The choice of the typology by the artist is fundamental and rigorous. Among the various types we mention, for example, some of the most often used ones: poplar – black and white – willow, tilia, hornbeam, rowan, elderberry, fig.

The choice of the type of wood used depends on the ease of processing, but also on the availability of this material in a specific area. Tilia is widespread and used mainly during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the Middle Ages, the most used material was poplar, especially for sculptures.

Unlike bronze, wood – like marble – is a material that is processed by subtraction. Wood, that is, is carved by carving and removing with the appropriate tools, part of the material to obtain the sculpture or the actual sculptural group.

Coppia di angeli reggicero, XVII secolo
Legno scolpito, dorato e policromo

Sale and purchase of wooden sculptures

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