Out there again!

With you again to restart and renovate

Milan, Italy, the world faced a sudden calamity, difficult to understand and manage. We closed ourselves looking from our houses at what was happening outside, every day waiting for clarity, comfort and closure. Every one of us measured ourselves with his/her passions and maybe filled the gaps. 

Antichità Giglio has always been present, the team accompanied you from far away. Lino Giglio, every day, replied to your emails and WhatsApp messages. Your interest in the website and our pieces gave us a means of keeping us in contact. It made us understand that art and antiques are a great passion for the Italians who breathe their essence every day, everywhere, in the cities and live it in every single house.

A new way of looking at the house

Maybe the actual lockdown gave you the opportunity to look and rethink and relook at your home for days. Maybe the desire of enlightening the furniture was born, of renovating some rooms, of adding an old master painting. Maybe you have decided that the 50s’ design should be substituted by the 80s, an old master painting would fit better than your 19th century view.

Maybe a sculpture of the 20th century became bulky and there a floor lamp would be enough to brighten the room a little! Maybe you found your home empty, with a soul that does not completely mirror your artistic sensitiveness. Now, you are looking for a canvas of the 17th century of mythological themes which remind you of high school or a religious subject that stops in time these days of deep human suffering.

You realised that a chandelier from the 40s, a trumeau from the 18th century, a drop-leaf in briar-root, a table from the 50s all left through generations in your family are objects that you cannot take charge of anymore. 

Every piece of art carries history with it

And our job is that of renewing the memory transferring it from one hand to the other. Art is essential in all its shapes. Pieces of art create poetry, nourish the emotions, but furniture, decors, objects of our houses make us live in beauty daily with elegance, following the feelings and the tastes of the moment.

We are happy to be with you again and accompany you in this work of renovation and change. From the 18th of May, the gallery is active again with all the measures and guarantees that the health protocol requires. And with the same modalities, Lino Giglio is at your disposal to come to see and evaluate your pieces.

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