From silverware to ceramics on your tables!

Antiques’ art keeps you company during the holidays too… your set tables will not be lacking silverware and ceramics!

Christmas is coming, the Christmassy atmosphere invades the streets with lights and decorations of all types. Such as the streets of our cities, our homes need a magic touch too! Is there a better time of the year to flaunt some candelabra on our set table? 

During the holidays too…details make the difference! Antiques’ art with its porcelain centrepieces rich in decorations, silver trays and sophisticated decorative objects keeps us company during the holidays as well, adding a touch of elegance and refinement in our homes.


Silver items that can enrich our set tables are many. The general term silverware refers to art applied to working silver. With the term “silverware” we thus refer to any object in silver.

Among these, every object destined to the service on the table is included, such as cutlery, teapots, sugar bowls, coffee makers, shelves, cups, candelabra, candle holders and plates.

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Triptych of silver Victorian candelabra

Silver centrepiece

Among the many objects in silvers, the main characters of the set tables are silver centrepieces! The silver centrepiece has a long history that was born in the 17th century. The first were mainly used by the aristocracy and laying food on them was a signal that they had already been tasted by the servitude. 

It has always been considered not only a decorative object, but a real symbol of richness and preciousness. It can present itself in different styles. The English style is undoubtedly characterised by simplicity and finesse, perfect for a minimal or contemporaneous design table too.  

Centrepieces in Baroque style, on the contrary, are characterised by more complex fantasies which give a touch of delicatesse and richness to the table. Whatever the style is, the silver centrepiece is essential on a wisely set table!

Beyond silver…ceramics too!

Not only silver, but also ceramic and porcelain objects can give a touch of refinement and elegance during the festive banquets!

Antique porcelains and ceramics have some peculiar characteristics that distinguish them from modern ones, even if only the expert eye can distinguish between a vintage porcelain and a copy. They are embellished and decorated with mastery and delicatesse.

They represent objects of extreme charm and land in Europe in the 13th century quickly becoming objects of distinction and elegance. Ginori and Capodimonte porcelains are the distinctive ciphers of Made in Italy and are appreciated and requested in the whole world!

Hence, precious silverware or ceramic centrepieces can give a classy touch and style to your set tables!

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