Buying and selling of sculptures

The actual market of purchase and sale of sculptures represents one of the most influential sectors, numerous are the collectors who appreciate and concentrate their investments in this form of art that never ceases to amaze for its beauty. The sculptural works realized range from archaeology to the present day. 

Antichità Giglio aims to purchase and sale of sculptures and bas-reliefs both antique and modern, Italian and international starting from the thirteenth century to the twentieth century. The Galley is based in Milan and it represents a point of reference in the evaluation, purchase and sale of antique and modern sculptures both for Italian and international collectors.

Antichità Giglio had the opportunity to treat prestigious sculptural works from the Haute Époque to the Modern Age. Some of these are attributable to authors such as Arnolfo di Cambio, Angelo Bottinelli, Gaetano Monti, Michele Vedani and Lucio Fontana.  

Angelo Bottinelli, ‘Prima posa’
Scultura in marmo, altezza cm 132

Sell sculptures with Antichità Giglio 

Do you own a sculpture and you wish to sell it? Antichità Giglio is interested in purchasing antique and modern sculptures, in stone, marble, wood, bronze and terracotta. Our experts offer a free evaluation service aimed at selling with confidentiality and professionalism. 

Antichità Giglio can offer a service that is professional and at the same time quick and simple for the valuation and sale, please send us some pictures at our e-mail or through Whatsapp. The first stage in the sale process consists of a correct valuation. The evaluation phase requires a careful analysis that takes into account various aspects that affect the estimation of the sculpture. 

Among those aspects we recall some objective aspects such as for instance the era, the author, the state of preservation, the material, the origin. The subjective aspects are also numerous as the pleasantness of the subject, the aesthetics and the emotional bond that the work creates with the viewer. 

Lino Giglio, an expert in the evaluation of sculptures and expert of the Register of the Court of Milan, after having carefully analysed the sculpture in your process, will proceed to formulate an offer of purchase. If the offer is accepted, a Purchase Agreement will be concluded and then we will proceed to the collection of the work.  

Our experts, under the guidance of Lino Giglio, will accompany you step by step in the evaluation and sales process with the utmost professionalism and willingness.  

Purchase of sculptures and bas-reliefs 

Antichità Giglio is also dedicated to the purchase of sculptures realized between the Haute Époque and the Contemporary Art. Over the years, our experts have treated important sculptures and bas-reliefs signed by important authors of various artistic eras.

 We deal with sculptures of various eras including Haute Époque, Renaissance and Baroque sculptures, sculptures of the eighteenth century and Rococo, Neoclassical sculptures, realized in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, up to the Modern sculptures and sculptures realized by contemporary artists. 

Visit our Gallery section where you can admire the sculptures and bas-reliefs that we have treated or that are now available! 

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