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Buying and selling of antiques in Rome

Antichità Giglio deals with the valuation and purchase of antiques for several years. Antichità Giglio evaluates and purchases in Rome, from antique paintings to the 19th  and 20th centuries paintings, from period furniture to modern art design, and even bronzes and corals, silverware, Chinese antiques and heritage and art collections. 

Rome undoubtedly represents a reference point for antiques in Italy and it boasts the presence of one of the most important exhibitions in the sector: the Biennale of Rome. It is precisely the city in which the passion for collecting antiques was born. 

If you own antique paintings or pieces of art, purchasing and selling antiques in Rome is very simple. With Antichità Giglio selling and purchasing is fast, easy and without obligation. Our experts, guided by the experience of Lino Giglio, are always at your disposal. 

Antichità Giglio represents a point of reference for collectors and antique lovers. Our experts not only deal with the sale and purchase of works of art, but they also offer a service of help and support to their customers who want to furnish their Roman home with style and refinement. 

How to contact Antichità Giglio for a sale? 

Selling antiques with Antichità Giglio is very fast and without obligation. You only need to send some pictures accompanied by a short description of the piece to our email or at our Whatsapp number. You will then be contacted by our experts who will make a first free valuation. 

In order to evaluate and estimate a work of art in a professional way, a careful and in-depth analysis by expert eyes is required. It is undoubtedly necessary to evaluate the piece taking into consideration several aspects including the state of preservation, the era or realization, the quality, the origin, the author, etc. 

If the objects in your possession are of our interest, Antichità Giglio will set an appointment for the valuation of the objects in person. Thereby the estimate will be more exhaustive and a purchase proposal can be formulated. 

Antichità Giglio is based in Milan, but it works throughout Italy and therefore it also sells and purchases in Rome. 

I am in Rome, can I turn to Antichità Giglio? 

Certainly! For purchasing and selling antiques in Rome, Antichità Giglio makes use of the experience and professionalism of experts in the antique field. It is able to answer effectively and quickly to your valuation requests, estimates and paintings appraisals in Rome and in Lazio.  

Always rely on professionals of the sector who are able to make the most of the works of art in your possession. Lino Giglio, antique dealer with a long experience and expertise at the Court of Milan, offers professional services for the valuation, estimate and art appraisals in Rome and surroundings.

Please contact us for any information at our email or call at our gallery at 02 29403146.

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