Buying and selling of antiques in Parma

Antichità Giglio deals with the evaluation, purchase, and sale of antiques throughout Italy. Antiques Giglio values and also buys in Parma by offering its professional services. Lino Giglio and our experts respond with professionalism to your questions related to ancient paintings of the ‘800 and ‘900, from antique furniture to design and modern art, and more bronzes and corals, silverware, Chinese antiques and heritage and art collections.

Parma is undoubtedly known for the famous antique exhibition “Mercante in Fiera”. The event attracts collectors and enthusiasts of antiques as well as modern and vintage and is one of the largest international exhibitions of antiques and collectibles. With two annual editions, one in spring and one in autumn, the Mercante in the fair hosts antique dealers from all over Italy and abroad, offering the opportunity to buy antiques and designs of all kinds.

If you own antique paintings or art objects, the purchase and sale of antiques in Parma are very simple. With Antiques Giglio selling and buying antiques is fast, simple, and without obligation. Our experts, guided by the experience of Lino Giglio, are always at your disposal.

Antichità Giglio is a landmark for collectors and antique enthusiasts. Our experts not only deal with the sale and purchase of works of art, but also offer a service of help and support to their customers who want to furnish their Roman home with style and refinement.

How to contact Antichità Giglio for a sale?

Selling antiques in Parma is simple, fast, and without obligation. The first and fundamental step is to require a professional evaluation. To evaluate and professionally estimate a work of art, a careful analysis by an expert in the field seems necessary; always rely on antique dealers and experts in antiques with long experience, to have the best results.

The analysis process of the work takes into account various aspects including the state of conservation, the time of construction, the quality, the origin, the author etc. If the objects in your possession are of interest to Antichità Giglio, an appointment will be fixed for the evaluation of the objects live. In this way, the estimate will be more exhaustive and you can formulate a purchase proposal.

Selling antiques with Antichità Giglio is fast and without obligation. Simply send images accompanied by a short description of the piece to our email or at the Whatsapp number 335 6379151. You will then be contacted by our experts who will make a first free evaluation.

I am in Parma, can I turn to Antichità Giglio? 

Certainly! Antichità Giglio is based in Milan, but it operates throughout Italy and therefore sells and buys in Parma. 

For buying and selling in Parma, Antichità Giglio makes use of the experience and professionalism of experts in the antiques sector. It can respond effectively and quickly to your requests for assessments, estimates and expert reports of cadres in Parma and throughout Emilia-Romagna.

Always rely on professionals in the sector who can make the most of the works of art in your possession. Lino Giglio, an antique dealer with a long experience and expert at the Court of Milan, offers professional services for the evaluation, appraisal and expert reports of art in Rome and surroundings.

Contact us for any information by email to or call directly in the gallery at 02 29403146.

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